Guitar Tuning Services
Guitar Tuning Services
Guitar Tuning Services

Instruments that GTS service:

Acoustic Guitars as follows:

-Classical Guitar
-Spanish Guitar
-Nylon string Folk Guitar
-Steel string Acoustic (6 string and 12 string)
-Slim line Stage Electric Acoustic 

Electric Guitars as follows:

-Fixed bridge (eg. Les Paul & Tele)
-Conventional Tremolo bridge (eg. Strat)
-Locking Tremolo (eg. Floyd Rose)
-7 string electric
-Semi Acoustic (eg. 335)
-Jazz Guitar 

Bass Guitars as follows:

-Electric Bass (4, 5 & 6 string)
-Semi Acoustic Bass
-Acoustic electric Bass 

Mandolins & Ukeleles

Services GTS offer

-Restring and tuning;
-Guitar servicing: Basic Stage I, Muso Stage II and Full Profesional Stage III setup (see description below)
-Buzz Feiten Tuning System Authorized Retrofitted for Electric Guitar & Bass
-Fret dressing;
-Re-Fretting: Partial and full re-fret for both bound and unbound fret board;
-Acoustic Saddle replacement;
-Acoustic saddle slot recutting;
-Acoustic bridge ramp slotting (to improve string break angle);
-Nut replacement;
-Acoustic Guitar internal brace repair;
-Acoustic Guitar Bridge repair, regluing and replacement;
-Acoustic Guitar Body and soundboard crack repair;
-Acoustic pickup installation;
-Electric Guitar pickup replacement and installation;
-Electric Guitar earth shielding and wiring customization;
-Guitar hardware replacement and upgrading;
-Guitar Strings, parts and accessories supply;

GTS is well known for its Stage I, II and III instrument servicing

A typical Stage I service includes:

-String replacement;
-Neck relief adjustment;
-Bridge/saddle adjustment for optimum playing action @ the 12th fret;
-Nut slot adjustment for optimum playing action at the first fret;
-Tremolo adjustment for electric guitar;
-Intonation adjustment;
-Pickup balance adjustment;
-Pots, switch and jack cleaned;
-Battery checking & replacement; 

A Stage II service includes:

-all of the above Stage I servicing points plus
-Fret levelling & recrowning;

A Stage III service includes:

-all of the above Stage I & II servicing points plus
-Ultimate fret levelling & recrowning;
-Hand polishing of frets. 

The popular Stage II GTS service has become an industry bench mark.
Special detailed attention to the fret dressing and crowning procedure sets GTS servicing apart from it's competitors.
Even a cheap beginners guitar can be transformed by a GTS Stage II setup.
For the discerning musician wanting the ultimate in tuning perfection from their guitar, GTS can convert Electric Guitar and Bass to the Buzz Feiten Tuning System

Parts & Stock

GTS stocks and uses only quality strings, guitar parts and accessories.
D'addario, Ernie Ball, Elixir, JVB, Warwick, Dunlop, Gotoh, Grover, Graph Tech, Gator, EMG, Dimarzio, WSC, Seymour Duncan, Mogami are all quality brands that are used and recommended by GTS. 

We are happy to supply strings, parts and accessories to anyone wanting to do their own restringing or brave enough to attempt their own customization.
Are you wishing to build your own Electric Guitar or Bass? GTS can provide all the necessary hardware and help with some of the more difficult and exacting guitar building procedures.

Give us a call today!

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